Social pattern design on seating

Starting from the story of words, images and sounds of the boys of social cooperatives La Fraternità e Arca di Noè, the students of the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna of the Decoration Course for architecture have realized the textile patterns, printed on fine series fabric, for Jointly a collection of seats with an original upholstery .

The archive of signs and oral heritage collected during the meetings, followed by the workshop digital sign / research and development conducted by Aurélie Chadaine of the Paris company of the same name, have been interpreted and graphically reworked by students for textile prints with new narratives.

IT IS HERE, the phrase printed on one of the sessions on display, symbolically makes present the relationship fruit of the mixture of different identities , made of desires, emotions and memories that inspired the whole project. And it is from here that the students have developed the research path made of that initial experience of encounter combined with the personal languages ​​from which the basic elements of graphic experimentation emerged.

  • Opening October 13th 6:00 pm

    Finissage 11 November 2018 16:30

    Medieval Civic Museum
    Via Manzoni 4, Bologna

    Opening hours show:
    From 14/10 to 9/12/18 from Tuesday to Sunday 10: 00/18: 30 – closed weekday Mondays
    11/11 and 9/12/18 hours 16:30 guided tour

  • Promoted by the Academy of Fine Arts and by the Textile and Upholstery Museum of Bologna , the project, sponsored by the Foundation Dino Zoli of Forlì , is supported by Dino Zoli Textile / Forlì and by Project Recooper in collaboration with social cooperatives < em> The Fraternity / Mercatale (Bo) and Noah’s Ark (Bo) , on the occasion of the 2018 Contemporary Art Day.

    È QUI is part of the cultural project Heritage, resources for public space, tools for contemporary artistic research promoted by the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna.


    The following participated in social cooperatives: Francesco Ahmetovic, Gloria Arietano, Jabbi Bakary, Paola Ballestrazzi, Nura Basic, Daniele Belletti, Fabio Bergami, Elisa Bortolotti, Alessio Cantelli, Fioravante Caruso, Libero Colombo, Cristian Iacoviello, Valeria Lucifora, Manuela Maestria, Enrico Marengo, Massimiliano Nascetti, Florentina Nicolai, Andrea Pasetti, Gianluca Scagnet, Tania Seghetti, Valentino Vandelli.


    Here is the video of the exhibition:

  • Partners

    Foto Elena Dotti, Ghazaleh Kohandel
    Tappezzeria Franco Vallini






    Recooper - È QUI. Social pattern design on seating - Bologna Design Week 2018 2