Un percorso fra luoghi, persone e arte

In a constant dialogue between art and design, with an exhibition designed for the Dino Zoli Foundation, the exhibition proposes a suggestive journey between imagination and memory that returns a new approach to the collection of 29 seats exhibited in the first place at the Medieval Civic Museum of Bologna in occasion of the XIV Contemporary Art Day.

Starting from the story of words, images and sounds of the boys of social cooperatives La Fraternità e Arca di Noè, the students
of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, of the Decoration Course for Architecture, have designed the textile patterns of the seats. In the research project, dedicated to living, the archive of signs and oral heritage collected during the meetings were graphically re-elaborated in the prints by the new narratives.

IT’S HERE, the phrase printed on one of the seats, created with reclaimed structures, symbolically presents the relationship as a result of mixing different identities, made up of desires, emotions and memories that inspired the project.

  • Opening March 30, 2019 6:00 pm

    Finissage 9 June 2019 16:30

    Dino Zoli Foundation
    Viale Bologna 288, Forlì

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    Monday: closed
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  • The project, produced on the occasion of the European Year of Cultural Heritage (2018), promoted by the Dino Zoli Foundation of Forlì and the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna, in collaboration with Istituzione Bologna Musei / Civic Museums of ancient art, sponsored by Municipality of Forlì, is supported by the Dino Zoli Textile of Forlì and the Recooper Project in collaboration with the social cooperatives La Fraternità e Arca di Noè of Bologna.

  • I partners dell'iniziativa

    IT’S HERE. A journey through places, people and art

    Edited by Nadia Stefanel and Vanna Romualdi
    Coordination: Laura Giovannardi, Tiziana Abretti, Cristina Guardigli
    Dino Zoli Foundation, Viale Bologna 288, Forlì
    30 March – 9 June 2019

    Promoters: Dino Zoli Textile, Dino Zoli Foundation, Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna
    With the collaboration of the Bologna Museums / Civic Museums of Ancient Art
    With the sponsorship of the Municipality of Forlì
    In collaboration with “La Fraternità” and “Arca di Noè” social cooperatives
    With the support of the Recooper Project

    Technical partners: DZ Engineering, Azienda Agricola I Sabbioni
    Project produced on the occasion of the European Year of Cultural Heritage (2018)

    Idea: Yanxi Zhou, Debora Ester Lago
    Exhibition project: Yanxi Zhou, Ghazaleh Koandel
    Sound project: Hanssen Diaz
    Audio setup and lighting: DZ Engineering
    Fabrics and prints: Dino Zoli Textile
    Photo: Elena Dotti, Ghazaleh Koandel
    Video: Francesco Bona
    Thanks to Franco Vallini

    Dino Zoli Foundation
    Viale Bologna 288, Forlì
    Tel. +39 0543 755770

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