Recooperando, si impara is an initiative addressed to children of the fourth grade of primary school within the Province of Bologna with the involvement of Executives, Teachers and Families.

The objective of Recooperando, si impara is to offer schools a free project, which involves pupils in activities aimed at educating children about the ethics of reuse , the importance of adopting responsible and sustainable behaviors and involve them, together with their families, in the collection of used clothes.

  • The Activities

    We propose two activities to children:

    The first is a animation show, lasting about an hour, an entertaining monologue created by Lorenzo Bonazzi of the La Piccola Carovana Cooperative ( It involves both pupils and teachers: during this bizarre and colorful show, we will find answers to some questions, such as “What are waste materials?” Why do we produce so many?” “How could we recycle them?”.

    The second takes place about a week after the show, and it is a workshop activity, created and carried on by Silvia Presti of Campi D’arte ( ).

  • How can you participate?

    We ask the parents to help their children finding some used clothes (their own, their brothers’, their parents’, it doesn’t matter) and put them into the bag you can find in the Recooper backpack we gave their son, then carry it to school.

    We will use a part of these given clothes reusing them during the workshop activity, and we will put the remaining part into Recooper collection.

  • Some pictures of Recooperando si impara


27 November 2018 – Entertainment
Cesare Gnudi Nursery and Elementary School
Mercatale (BO)
Classes: 3 ^, 4 ^

December 6th 2018 – Entertainment
Elementary School “U. Pizzoli ”
Palata Pepoli (BO)
Classes: 5 ^

10 December 2018 – Entertainment
Elementary School “G. Lodi ”
Crevalcore (BO)
Classes: 5 ^

17 December 2018 – Laboratory
Cesare Gnudi Nursery and Elementary School
Mercatale (BO)
Classes: 3 ^, 4 ^

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